To recognize the writing and creative skills of new arrivals analternative publishing platform is desperately needed wherever commercial publication rules. Immortal Doon Publications is formed by the people who have struggled and strived to become known. It does not print well-known names; it strives to make names known and well known. It is very unfortunate that new talents struggle and strive to get their work publish, and many of them end up with preserving their diary on their personal book shelf. IDP strives in for thoughtful creative writing, and because there is no satisfactory distribution network for such writing, its terms of publication are unique. We are one of the very few publishers in the world who knows when and where this kind of books must knock. IDP provides the platform to new comers, by recognizing their potentials.



Where the lesser beings communicate with sounds and gestures, the gifted ones do so with words and the still blessed ones give expression to words. Each one of us has a thought pattern, intellect, ability to interpret and a philosophy intrinsic to ones own nature as distinct as ones fingerprints. However, not all of us take to writing. Perhaps we are so conditioned to stay tuned to the pressing day to day targets that writing is never encouraged. Moreover, the thought of getting our work published is remote from our minds. Even those of us who have a passion and flair for writing keep putting it off for one reason or the other. We think….we feel….we discern….we analyse….we fantasise…. So, why don’t we write?


ILS is committed to instill in all a love for reading and writing. Reading and writing go hand in hand. To be good writers we have to be good readers. We read to appreciate and respect the thoughts and expressions of those who write. When it comes to writing, it has its own thrill and passion. It is like any other form or art demanding equal devotion and fervor. And like any other form of art it should also be displayed with pride.

A literary work can be in the form of prose or poetry depending upon the mood and style of the writer. The main motive is to heighten ones sensitivity to literary writing so as to appreciate rhythm and sound patterns, use of language tools like figure of speech, proverbs, idiomatic phrases etc. and to develop thought process.

Our aim is not to make anyone a professional writer but rather an attempt to help one to discover oneself and maybe surprise others with ones hidden talent.

So here’s an opportunity for one and all to get set and SAY IT WITH WORDS!


In this phase we invite original short stories (about 800 words) from students of classes 9 to 12, both in English as also in Hindi. No entry fee will be charged.

100 best stories will be selected to be printed and published in a collection called ‘IMMORTAL STORIES-2013’ for English and ‘ANMOL KAHANIYAN-2013’ for Hindi. The books will be formally released in a public function by a dignitary and will also be widely circulated.

The authors of the top three stories in each category will be awarded and honoured in the same function. All participants will be given certificates and two copies of book.


After the collection of entries for short stories, we shall invite students to write poems and one act plays. We shall also hold on the spot writing competitions.


Our team of experts will select stories on the basis of plot, characterization and language.

Once the stories are selected, the respective authors shall be intimated for completing formalities (mentioned in entry form).

Our team will then edit and correct the selected stories and proceed with printing and publishing.

ImMortal Doon Publication House