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Trickles Of Life

It is a collection of poems crafted by Mr. Sanjeev K. Sharma on the issues related with Holy River Ganges, Nature, Mahatma Gandhi, fading Human relations, Dreams of underprivileged, on the importance of every drop of water, peace and humanity.

- By Sanjeev K. Sharma
ISBN: 978-81-8465-282-6 (Paper)

Kaun Ho Tum

This book is touchy and remarkable collection of Hindi Poetry composed by Poetess Seema Sharma and Poet Sehdev Singh. The Poems are crafted on various humane issues related with the place of women and girls in our society, Nature, Love, Separation, Peace, Enviornment, Rivers, and death etc. A must read book for Poetry lovers. 

- By Seema Sharma and Sehdev Singh dev
ISBN: 978-81-920508-2-9 (Paper)
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SHADOWS OF TERROR and Other Stories

A sparkling collection of stories and a gripping reminder of our commitment to fight terror. The book is based on “Countering Terrorism” that includes a real story of the boy, who lost his booth hands and one eye in a blast when he was six years old, and today he stands proudly as an interstate gold medalist champion in Shooting, a sportsman. Who sets a glorious example to one and all that even “Sky is not the limit.”

- By Sanjeev K. Sharma

2000 copies sold out... Available at all E-Book Stores in India...

Soft Cover edition Rs.255.00 ISBN:978-81-920508-1-2

Hard Bound Library Edition Rs.395.00 ISBN:978-81-920508-6-7

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Bhartiya Sanskrirti Ke Prateek

A knowledgeable insight preview of the heritage of our culture, traditions, Religions and their significance in our life. A must read collection......

- Penned by: Bharti Raut,
A National Awardees and former Principal

Rs. 170.00 /- Paper Back

Rs. 295.00 /- Hard Bound Library edition

ISBN: 978-81-920508-8-1

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Jeevan Ek Samanvay

A classical collection of Philosophical Poems.

Written by: Poetess Deepika Chamoli (Captain, MNS)

Prise: Rs. 170.00 /- Papaerback

Price: Rs. 295.00 /- Hard Cover Library Edition

ISBN: 978-81-920508-6-7

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The Fragrance Of Divine Blessings


It is collection of wonderful spiritual poems in tamil language composed on Lord Shiva and his teachings by a 75 years old Poetess who is heart patient. Who attained enlightenment at this age and now she is enlightening others by her poetry sending the message of awakening our insight, Peace of Humanity to all of us.

- By T. V. Thangamani
(Tamil Book).
ISBN: 978-1-81-920508-0-5

Our Forth Coming books

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A collection of stories written by students titled : Immortal Stories by Children

Send Your Stories

A collection of stories by young and budding Authors

Comming Soon...

Note : SUBMISSION INVITED FOR CUPID CALL : immortaldoon@gmail.com, submissions@immortaldoonpublications.com
Note : Entries are invited for both these books at our Email Id : immortaldoon@gmail.com, submissions@immortaldoonpublications.com


Is another collection in the series of Immortal Poetry. A thought provoking, heart touching, and soul penetrating, collection of fine Poems penned by Captain Kunal Narayan Uniyal of Merchant Navy. A must read book from Cover to Cover. To order a copy of this book send us a cheque of Rs 200 addressed to "Immortal Doon Publication" and we will send you a copy of the book with free Postage. For Special Discount on Bulk Purchase call us on +91-9456170580

By. Captain Kunal Narayan Uniyal
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Melody of Lines: Complited and Edited By SABITA NAG.

A quality book "Melody of Lines" on the great work of Sketch by KALA RATNA V. S. Rahi.

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Ateet Or Vartmaan

Ateet Or Vartmaan" is a Hardbound classic collection of heart touching poems, written by Poetess and Educationists Usha Joshi. Where through her fine poems her emotions and concerns about fading human relation, a common man and his sufferings, Answerabilities towards nature is flowing smoothly through her well chosen words.

Hardbound Classic Immortal Poetry
( Also available on amazon )

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199/- Paperback edition


"An anthology based on human sorrows and sufferings, heart touching Stories and poems written by various author of different age groups. A must read classic collection for all ages.."

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"Roti Ki Talaash"

""Roti Ki Talaash", is a heart touching collection of classical poems penned by young poet Ashutosh Mishra. A must read book for all ages specially for young generation."

Classic Poetry By: ASHUTOSH MISHRA
ISBN: 978-93-85298-03-5
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Paperback Edition


"A classical heart touching collection of Hindi & Urdu Poems and Gazals. Where poet Deepak has portrayed Love, affection, flow of human emotions, pain and sufferings, fading human relations, realities of life, struggles, hopes & dreams, from the beginning to the end of life. A must read collection.....!"

Also Avilable in Amazon

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Classic Poetry By: Poet Deepak Rai
ISBN: 978-93-85298-05-9

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